Bringing snacks on a family vacation is important, but equally important is bringing snacks that are not only appetizing, but nutritious and durable as well.
Pack your kid-s favorite dry cereal in small plastic bags. They will have their own snack and it will not need to be divided on the road.
Do the same with bite size fruit. If grapes are available, they are best because they don-t need to be peeled or cut up, which causes fruit to spoil faster.The whole story can be found at
Make up trail mix with dried fruit, nuts and pretzels. Banana bread can be sliced individually and served as a morning treat or afternoon snack. Homemade is best.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies are always a favorite and keeping them in the cooler helps eliminate melted chocolate on the seats.
String cheese is easy to serve and always a family favorite.
Whole wheat bagels will keep the kids content between meals. Just cut in chunks before leaving and spread a dollop of cream cheese on them when serving.
Cut up raw vegetables work great. Just remember to bring along some ranch dressing for dipping.
Bring your favorite chicken, tuna or egg salad and some crackers for a snack or light meal.