Jul 04

Best Rest Stop Restaurants To Stop At While Vacationing

If you’re going to be traveling on vacation with the family, chances are that you will be in the car for hours on end. This can be very tiresome and it can also be incredibly annoying and unhealthy to eat fast food the entire time you’re on vacation. Instead of relying on fast food, you might want to take advantage of actual restaurants that are along the way while you are in the car. Going to a restaurant allows you to get out of the car for a Continue Reading »

May 14

How To Stop Sibling Rivalry During A Family Vacation

Vacationing with children can be challenging. It is important to consider your children in all of your vacation planning so they all enjoy themselves. While it won’t be possible to make every one in your family happy all of the time, you can try to create a fun experience for everyone during your vacation.

The first step is to research your destination. Choose a hotel that has something for everybody. Many hotels offer swimming pools, hot tubs and Continue Reading »

Mar 25

Do You Really Need A Mini Van For Vacations?

If you and your family enjoy taking road trips on a regular basis, you may believe that it is necessary for you to own a minivan. Although it is true that a minivan will allow each passenger to have more space and to possibly be more comfortable, unless you go on extremely frequent road trips, you may be able to get by with renting a minivan when you need one rather than outright owning one. For instance, if you only use your minivan when you are on road trips, owning it is probably a Continue Reading »

Jul 03

Best Car To Rent On A Family Vacation

When considering which car to rent for a family vacation, you have to break the options down into cars for smaller families, and cars for larger families. In both cases you will want a vehicle that is a comfortable ride for both passengers and drivers. Gas mileage is an important factor, especially on larger road trips. Last but not least, you’ll want to be sure that your chosen vehicle has plenty of room for your things.
For smaller families, the Chevrolet Cruze is the perfect rental car. These Continue Reading »

Jan 10

Plan Ahead for a Family Friendly Trip

Family friendly vacations are something of a unique challenge partly because you’ve got to keep everyone happy. If you’re leaving on a family trip soon be sure to do the following before you pull out of the driveway to ensure everyone’s happy:
Secure the House – So the adults have more peace of mind, be sure to plan way ahead with things like ADT Security Systems, having someone get your mail, and keeping the plants alive.
Plan Some Activities – To keep everyone in Continue Reading »

Oct 11

Games To Play On A Family Vacation

Finally, a time your whole family can be together, play together and bond without any interruptions. Whether you are driving in a car, or flying to your destination, it is sure to be a blast! Your vacation is probably filled with many activities or sight seeing adventures, but what about those down times? What should you do when it’s raining, you have an hour to kill, or time in the car or airplane? This is a great time to just talk or play a game.

Great games on vacations can include board games; these are perfect at the Continue Reading »

Oct 09

Smart Snacks To Bring For a Family Vacation

Bringing snacks on a family vacation is important, but equally important is bringing snacks that are not only appetizing, but nutritious and durable as well.
Pack your kid-s favorite dry cereal in small plastic bags. They will have their own snack and it will not need to be divided on the road.
Do the same with bite size fruit. If grapes are available, they are best because they don-t need to be peeled or cut up, which causes fruit to spoil faster.The whole story can be found at http://www.fitsugar.com/Healthy-Road-Trip-Snacks-11990364
Make up trail mix with dried fruit, nuts and pretzels. Continue Reading »

Oct 08

What To Bring On A Family Vacation

When packing for your family vacation, you will find some items to be highly beneficial.
Family trips are filled with many wonderful memories, so remember to bring your camera and extra batteries for all the great pictures you will be taking.
Comfy shoes and clothing are a must for everyone; you are sure to do a fair amount of walking during your trip, and a good pair of walking shoes will give you the support you need. Checking weather reports before your Continue Reading »

Jul 20

Best Places To Go On Vacation In The Fall

Vacationing in autumn may not be everyone’s idea of perfect, but for some this season is ideal for taking the family and getting to see some of the world. Taking a trip in the fall when the weather is not too cold or too hot can be great fun for the whole family. Not many people will think about the Caribbean when vacations in the fall come up in conversation. There are family oriented things to do all over the Continue Reading »

Jul 18

Best Vacation Locations For Families With Children

The best family vacations locations with children are the ones that make memories for the adult and the child and the child in the adult. Begin a wonderful vacation in the north of Idaho. Couer d’Alene, Idaho is in the very north of the state. It is one of the most beautiful lake side towns you will find anywhere in the world. Built right next to the lake known as the Jewel Of The West, you can enjoy Continue Reading »

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